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Social Work as an academic discipline in the Applied Social Sciences, its objective is to train students to be competent professional practitioners by providing professional knowledge and skills in social work theory, practice, service delivery and specialized fields of social intervention.  Fieldwork is an essential aspect of social work education at City University of Macau, as it provides students with the opportunity to integrate theories and practice in different practice settings under the guidance of a qualified field supervisor.

 Field Practicum Aims
  1. Learning and practice of social work methods and skills for prevention and intervention of different social problems at micro, meso and macro levels.

  2. To integrate and apply theoretical framework of social work in practice settings

  3. To develop commitment to the service mission, value and ethics of social work practice

  4. To understand the policies, working patterns of service organizations.

 Prerequisite of Fieldwork

  Students must complete and satisfy the requirements of the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Social Work

  2. Case Work

  3. Group Work

  4. Community Work

  5. Professional Ethics


  1. Fieldwork module comprises of Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II, students must complete and satisfy the requirement of Fieldwork I before proceeding to Fieldwork II.

  2. Students must complete both Fieldwork I and Fieldwork II modules to attain a total of 14 credits of studies in order to satisfy the completion requirement of this program.