Asst. Prof. Jierong Hu

Academic Qualifications

2011. Visiting Scholar in Brown Social Work School. Washington university in St. Louis, USA.

2008. Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Policy, Peking University. Beijing, China.

2001. M.A. in Practical Sociology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Wuhan, China.

1998. B.A. in Political Science, Hubei Normal University. Huangshi, China.




Current Position

Assistant Professor, DISW, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, City University of Macau.


Working Experience

12/2008-08/2020      Associate Professor

               School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

10/2003-12/2008      Lecturer

                School of Sociology, China University of Political Science and Law

07/2001-09/2003      Teaching Assistant

                School of Criminal Justice, China University of Political Science and Law


Course Taught

MSWM212     Foundation of Human Services Organization and Practices.

MSWG201      Foundation of Gerontology.

BSW104         Research Methods for Social work.

BSW107         Social Policy and Social Welfare.

                       Introduction to Sociology.

                       Foundation of Social Security.

                       Introduction to Social Policy.

                       Social Policy Analysis.

                       Social Work with Children and adolescent.


Research Area

Social Work Education, Management of Social Service agency, Social Policy Analysis,Social Welfare with Children, women and elder.



Journal Articles

1.Gender Differences in Depression of Older Adults and Its Influencing Mechanism.

Journal of China Women’s University,2019(4). Only Author

2.The Relation of Socioeconomic Status and Functional Health of Chinese Elderly People: Physic Exercises and Health Insurance as Mediator. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing (Social Sciences Edition),2019 (4). Only Author

3.Institutional Environments and Social Work Professional Development: Practice and Reference from Macau. Social work,2019(2). Only Author

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19.Early Ideas about How Social Work Developed in China. Journal of Beijing University of Science and Technology in (social science edition) 23(4), 2007:22-25. Only Author

20.How Act of Social Relieving the Homeless and Beggars in Cities Operate: Investigating Beijing Social Relief and Administration Stations. Journal of Beijing University of Science and Technology (social science edition)23(2) ,2007:12-17. Only Author

21.How the Law Graduate Spend Their Time: Social Survey in CUPL. Youth Exploration, 2003(4):15-19. Only Author

22.Mass Media and urban youth leisure cultural life: Social Survey of 592 Urban Young Persons. Youth Studies, 2001(1):6-10. Only Author

23.Laid-off workers Hidden employment: The Social and Institutional Analysis. The Theory of Monthly, 2000(12):56-58. Second Author

24.Review of Literature of Socialization of Only-child. Youth Studies, 2000(12):42-45. First Author

25.Review on youth socialization studies in China. Youth Studies, 2000(7):23-31. Second Author


Books and Chapters

Research on Institutional Change from Act of Custody to Act of Social Relieving the Homeless and Beggars in Cities: The Perspective of Field and Habitus. Beijing: Law Press, 2013. Only Author.

“Chapter 3 Culture” in Introduction to Sociology (Edited by Sun Liping), Beijing: Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2004.

“Chapter 8 Education Policy, Chapter 9 Labor and Employment Policy, Chapter10 Housing Policy” in Social Policy (Edited by Wang Sibin), Beijing: Open University of China Press, 2010.

Chapter 6 the Transformation of Social Security System in China Society (Edited by Ying Xing), Beijing: Renmin University of China Press,2015.



1. Research Grant from Graduate Division of China University of Political Science and Law, “Research on How the Teaching Method Based on Empowerment-participation-strength Are Applied to Master Social Work Education” presided by HU Jierong,2016-2017.

2.Research Grant from Graduate Division of China University of Political Science and Law, Research on Case Teaching methods for Social Policy” presided by HU Jierong,2015-2016.

3. Research Grant from China University of Political Science and Law, “A Pressing Policy Transition: From Act of Custody to Act of Social Relieving Vagabonds and Beggars in Cities” presided by HU Jierong,2008-2010.

4. Research Grant from the National Fund for Philosophy and Social Science, “China Typical Social Work System and Model” presided by Professor WANG Sibin,2010-2013.

5. Research Grant from United Nations Children's Fund, “Basic Investigation on Chinese Children Protection and social relief System and Network Building” presided by Professor WANG Sibin, 2006.



Macao Professional Council of Social Workers (2020.10-present)


 Academic Awards

2019. Award for Adviser of Excellent Undergraduate Thesis in Beijing.

2018. Excellent Teaching Award of China University of Political Science and Law.

2016. The 4th Young Scholar Research Achievement Award, Second prize, China University of Political Science and Law.